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Having evolved out of a client project in 2014, the SentrySIS software suite was developed to serve crime partnerships, local businesses and police constabularies across the North of England. At the point we engaged with SentrySIS, they had over 2000 users working across the system on a daily basis. Having secured investment, they came to us with ambitious growth plans and a vision to expand right across the nation. Our brief was firstly to help them think more strategically and pro-actively about their brand, before then completely reimagining their visual identity in response to the strategic goals.

  • Branding

  • Visual Identity

  • Copywriting

  • Marketing materials

SentrySIS - control is all in your hands
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Going deeper

SentrySIS’ brand had grown organically through its early life, but there had never been any serious attempt to think strategically about who they are and how that is expressed. To tackle this, we led them through a series of workshops to define their customers, the markets they work in – and most importantly, themselves. This process allowed us to define a strong, ownable position for the brand. The collaborative nature of our process meant we had really excitement and consensus as we moved into the design portion of the work.

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Connecting people, saving lives

What really came through in our strategic work was the warmth and humanity that underpins what could be perceived as cold and authoritative technology. SentrySIS are passionate about crime and harm reduction – their software is designed to minimise criminal activity and in some cases allow those committing crime access to earlier intervention. Their big strength, both technologically and as people, is that they are connectors. They connect people, systems, departments, organisations, regions. These central ideas, along with the core principles of security, efficiency and trust, became the foundations on which all the creative work was built on.

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From start to finish, Airborne got us to see things about our customers that we’d been totally oblivious to. The workshops were ideal for us as a small team, allowing each team member to offer valuable insight so everyone felt included in the creative process.
Chris Nriapia, SentrySIS, CEO
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Project Credits

  • Luke Kelly (Creative Direction, Brand Strategy & Design)
  • Collette Davis (Brand Strategy, Copywriting)
  • Sarah Newman (Graphic Design)


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