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Put the people front and centre

Ciphr is more than just a software platform. Their team is made up of HR people from the board room right through to the sales team. They are an organisation that truly understands the value of people and care deeply about helping their customers do the same. Our rebrand hones in on this humanity, bringing to life the characteristics that set Ciphr apart in a crowded market place. They exist to amplify HR and will help you put people front and centre in your organisation.

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Here for the people

Amplify HR

Through research, interviews and workshop sessions we discovered that fundamentally, Ciphr are people people. This is far from just a software or a consultancy business. What shone through in our early work is that Ciphr knows the importance of people, the importance of HR to a successful organisation and is passionate about changing the way it is perceived.

The dedication and commitment to this truth was the foundation for the brand positioning of Amplify HR.

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Illuminating the humanity within

Our new identity system amplifies the warmth and humanity established with the brand platform. 

Rich base colours contrast with punchy energetic highlights. A mixture of texture, pattern and hand-drawn elements work together to give the identity warmth and approachability. Type styles are mixed to add both personality and informality without undermining the trust an enterprise level SaaS product needs from its audience. To bring it all to life, a beautiful bespoke illustration style from the incredible Woody Woods is balanced with carefully curated photography.

It’s an identity system full of variety, humanity and easygoing authority. Exactly in tune with Ciphr as an organisation and as a suite of products.

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An amplified voice

To express strong opinions from a place of warmth, you need confident and cohesive verbal identity. Ciphr’s updated tone of voice defines them as an ambitious leader, a critical friend and a trusted authority. We worked closely with their team to craft a voice that brings the brand to life, reinforcing this new way of speaking through a series of workshops and guides.

Get the best out of 
your people

Amplifying front-end engagement

To complete the rebrand, we reworked Ciphr’s online presence. Our redesigned site encompasses updated UX with a clear focus on conversions and driving users towards them. We created a full UI system using the updated identity design and wrote all new copy for the core marketing pages. 

Ciphr’s previous website was hosted on Wordpress, as part of the build we fully migrated this to HubSpot CMS, pushing the boundaries of what is possible and managing all of the complexities of moving seamlessly from one system to another.

On handover, Ciphr were equipped with a robust page builder system within their CMS, Figma and Canva social post building kits, a full suite of branded assets and comprehensive guidelines in PDF and video formats. Most significantly, they have been empowered with a distinct, versatile identity system that allows them to confidently stand out in a crowded market. 

Ciphr has big plans for the next few years. They now have the tools to make them happen.

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