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Re-branding one of the UK’s fastest growing SaaS startups

Celebrated London start-up ContentCal built a marketing platform that makes creating, scheduling and managing content across all channels super simple. After 4 years of growth from embryonic idea to established market player they began working towards their Series A funding round and made brand a top priority.

We were thrilled at the chance to help shape their future. Working closely with their team, we delivered a bold new brand position and tone of voice, comprehensive identity system and striking new website design.

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ContentCal had already established great relationships with their customers and a good reputation in the market. Business was growing. They had developed a strong internal culture. But they needed to tell a stronger and more consistent story to hit the ambitious targets they’d set for themselves.

We kicked things off by immersing ourselves in all things ContentCal. The product, the people, the market. We explored their previous strategy work and audited all their existing materials. This led us to a strong story and brand position built on the idea of ‘Get Clear’.

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Evolving the story

With a desire from within their team to retain some of the brand equity they had established, we thought carefully about the story their logo was telling. It spoke of planning, precision and calendar placement – but felt static and uninspired. ContentCal is much more than that, and plans to go further still with moves into AI and automation. So we experimented with ideas around artificial intelligence and a more dynamic, organic approach to moving data and messaging. Content that takes on a life of its own. This led us to the morphing shapes which became the foundation of the updated logo and the catalyst for the identity system as a whole.

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Finding fluidity

ContentCal brings content to life. It connects the marketing team and opens the door to content creators from across the business. It simplifies the planning and allows the right content to move freely through your various channels and platforms. In the future it will even do this intelligently on your behalf. The morphing shapes that sit at the heart of the updated identity bring these ideas to life, giving ContentCal a fluidity and sense of movement that connects and evolves. They layer around illustrations and photography to illustrate the depth to the connectivity ContentCal offers its users.

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Website update

Airborne worked closely with ContentCal on the redesign of their website. We dissected the experience and architecture and rethought it based on the goals they’d set – primarily to drive leads towards a free trial. Post launch, ContentCal reported an immediate bump in all key metrics – from visits, pages viewed, bounce rates and most importantly conversions.

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Within 6 months of the rebrand they had secured their Series A funding, then at the start of this year (2022) they were acquired by Adobe. An incredible start-up story and one we were very proud to have played a part in.

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