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In their early days as a marketing agency, the founding team at ContentCal realised there was no tool suited to their strategic and planning needs. So they set about making one. Two years later, this tool had taken on a life of its own and in 2016 they reformed as ContentCal. Since then they’ve focussed entirely on building the world’s best social media marketing platform.

After 4 successful years, ContentCal found itself in need of a more contemporary and well thought through brand identity. We were delighted to be able to help them meet this challenge. Airborne Studio worked closely with their team to deliver a bold new brand position and tone of voice, contemporary identity system and striking new website design.

  • Web Design

  • Branding

  • Illustration

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Logo evolution

With a desire from within their team to retain some of the brand equity they had established, we thought carefully about the story their logo was telling. It spoke of planning, precision and calendar placement – but felt static and uninspired. ContentCal is much more than that, and plans to go further still with moves into AI and automation. So we experimented with ideas around artificial intelligence and a more dynamic, organic approach to moving data and messaging. Content that takes on a life of its own. This led us to the morphing shapes which became the foundation of the updated logo and the catalyst for the identity system as a whole.

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Content that’s alive

ContentCal brings content to life. It connects the marketing team and opens the door to content creators from across the business. It simplifies the planning and allows the right content to move freely through your various channels and platforms. In the future it will even do this intelligently on your behalf. The morphing shapes that sit at the heart of the updated identity bring these ideas to life, giving ContentCal a fluidity and sense of movement that connects and evolves. They layer around illustrations and photography to illustrate the depth to the connectivity ContentCal offers its users.

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A human face

ContentCal put people at the heart of everything they do. Our products are a delight to use and are designed to create collaboration and bring people together in ways that were not previously possible. We put people right at the heart of the visual identity to make sure ContentCal are seen to have a friendly human face. Portrait style photos of up-beat, diverse, delighted people jump out from ContentCal’s design. A duotone effect is applied to unify these images and allow the core brand palette to cut through in the identity system.

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Airborne were incredible at guiding us through the process and getting to creative ideas we could never even have dreamed of
Alex Packham, ContentCal, CEO
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Project Credits

  • Luke Kelly (Creative Direction, Design)
  • Collette Davis (Brand Strategy, Copywriting)
  • Andy Young (Brand, Visual Identity Design)
  • Jenny Jones (User Experience)
  • Alex Foxleigh (Front End Development)
  • Michael Windell (Front End Development)


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