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Innovation consultants Blue Rocket have forged a reputation as hands-on practitioners that accelerate delivery and growth for their clients. On top of their consultative work, the Seattle based firm also creates and incubates their own line of digital products. The latest of these business tools is Oxley, designed to help senior finance professionals manage approvals.

Having been built initially to help Blue Rocket’s client engagements, this fledgling SaaS product was pushed forward for an invite only beta phase. The identity and website was created in-line with the experimental early stage of the product. It needed a distinct, ownable identity system to establish position – but also space to evolve. We ran through a stripped down identity process to get them to a minimum lovable brand designed to catapult the product into the world.

  • Brand

  • Visual Identity

  • Verbal Identity

  • User Experience

  • UI Design

  • Web Development

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Better approvals, better outcomes

Working fast and lean, we were able to help Oxley get from a rough prototype to a living and breathing product that could be tested with an audience in rapid time. The identity system is bright and open. It infers simplicity and connectivity, two key traits of the business and the product. Oxley makes approvals fast and clear, their brand now communicates that as effectively as their product achieves it.

Oxley Desktop UI
Oxley Logo & Wordmark
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Project Credits

  • Luke Kelly (Creative Direction, Design)
  • Andy Young (Brand, Visual Identity Design)
  • Michael Windell (Full Stack Development)


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