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Don’t get fit, get hii

Hii offers group training, accountability and coaching in a stunning gym at Wizu's Ayre Street location. They land somewhere between PT and group classes giving members is a unique experience that pushes members to impressive results.

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Say hii to your inner athlete

This is no ordinary gym. At hii members train as one in hii-intensity 45 minute group sessions led by rockstar trainers. Be the fittest version of yourself. The brand identity Airborne Studio created for hii mirrors the vibrancy of their team, their members and the workout sessions themselves. 

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Work(out) hard and be nice to people

At hii it's all about getting results, but doing that in a positive communal way. Whatever your level when you start, the group will support you and drive you forward. Members train together and gain together. That's what they call taking the hii road. 

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Re-branding a UK based crime technology start-up
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Empowered women, empower women
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Put the people front and centre
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