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Wizu Workspace

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Wizu Workspace came to us as one of the fastest growing property businesses in the North of England. They put customer service, good relationships and interior design at the heart of everything they do in their spaces, but this wasn’t coming across in their communications. With big growth ambitions, this became an important problem for them to solve. Which is where we came in.

  • Brand

  • Visual Identity

  • Copywriting

  • User Experience

  • Web Design

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Space to believe

We carried out a host of interviews and surveys in the research phase of this project. From speaking to customers, staff and the management team some interesting themes emerged. Through the brand strategy process, these themes began to crystalise around the idea of Wizu providing ‘space to believe’. Wizu exists to empower businesses. They provide a level of flexibility, service and inspiration that frees customers to go further than they previously thought possible. That is what sets them apart and is at the heart of their success.

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Feel good, work better

Picking up on the positive and ambitious brand platform, the visual language for Wizu is playful and malleable. A set of simple hand drawn geometric shapes create the building blocks for the identity system. The palette is bold yet restrained. A set of muted pastel colours present a bright, youthful business that can be taken seriously. Simple rules guiding the use of the shapes allow them to be applied creatively yet consistently and reflect the adaptive and friendly workspace business that they are.

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Designed to go further

With such a large and expanding physical footprint and a big digital presence, Wizu’s identity hits a wide array of touchpoints. The flexibility of the visual identity system we created allows for impact and consistency across all of these environments. From social posts to building sized banners, Wizu’s core personality and messaging is being beautifully expressed. 

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Airborne's guidance on direction and strategy proved invaluable to the success of this project. We felt like they knew us inside out and that shone through in the creative work – which has had a really positive impact on the business.
Tom Almas, Wizu Workspace, CEO

Project Credits

  • Stephen Bailey (Brand Strategy, Copywriting)
  • Luke Kelly (Creative Direction, Brand Strategy, Design)
  • Alice Chan (UX Design)


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