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Working in partnership with YoungStudio we helped innovative tech recruitment business Findrs completely reimagine their identity and web experience. Findrs believe that if you work hard and be nice to people, good things will come your way. Their focus on outstanding service and client results has proven a huge success and since starting out 3 years ago they’ve grown from 2 to a team of 7 (and counting).

Led by Andy Young, we were able to completely transform Findrs brand and online presence with immediate results. The identity is bold, conversational and playful. Within hours of launch the impact of the updates were being felt with a flurry of response and activity. Findrs are a lighthearted, ambitious and fast growing company with a very human core to the way they operate. They now have a brand and online presence which reflects this.

  • Brand

  • Visual Identity

  • Verbal Identity

  • User Experience

  • UI Design

  • Web Development

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The good people people

Good people aren’t hard to find. They’re everywhere, if you’re looking through the right pair of lenses. Findrs’ lens is focused on their values and the belief that if you work hard and be nice to people, good things will come your way. Be decent humans and you’ll meet more decent humans, whether that’s start-ups who are on the same page or candidates who are looking for the right team to grow with.

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Project Credits

  • Andy Young for Young Studio (Creative Direction, Visual Identity Design)
  • Collette Davis for Young Studio (Brand Strategy, Copywriting)
  • Luke Kelly (UI Design)
  • Alice Chan (UX Design)
  • Michael Windell (Full Stack Development)


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