Transforming an innovative nomadic business accounting service


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Having started life as ‘Your Company in Estonia’ in 2018, this innovative business quickly grew to become the top foreign owned connector to Estonia’s innovative e-citizenship scheme. By 2021, their vision had expanded. They aim to become the leading provider of business and accounting services for borderless companies in and outside the Estonian scheme.

The founders Ignacio and Miguel came to Airborne Studio with a new name and the brief to completely re-imagine their brand and identity. We worked closely with them to define exactly who they are and what they stand for, before bringing Companio to life with a fresh visual and verbal identity system.

  • Brand

  • Visual Identity

  • Verbal Identity

  • Copywriting

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Sharing freedom

Campanio is about much more than just business and accounting, it exists as a vehicle to reimagine what it is to be an independent sovereign human in the twenty-first century. It’s about positively disrupting the way businesses are structured. Empowering more people to share in a liberated working life. Companio go much further than just offering business services, they share resources, experiences, connections and knowledge with their clients. Their goal is to put freedom within everyone’s reach. This is what sets them apart.

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Moving borders

The visual language evolved to be fluid, adaptive and ever changing. A range of abstracted shapes and a vibrant palette allow for an almost infinite number of layout compositions, reflecting the positive disruption Companio strive to enact in the world. Their service is not a one-size-fits-all. Their solutions are quite literally pushing the boundaries for modern businesses, and as such they are constantly evolving. This mixture of positivity and possibility sits at the heart of Companio’s visual identity system.

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Trust in change

Companio are a business innovating in a conservative field. Registering a business, dealing with tax, managing accounts – these cannot be taken lightly. The persona of a Companio client is a business owner or entrepreneur already thinking outside the status quo, but even here, it is important that professionalism, knowledge and transparency are firmly established within the brand. We looked at the use of colour and typography around the bolder elements of the identity to help build this trust with Companio’s audience.

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Airborne took us from "meh" to "wow". What really stood was how they involved us in every relevant step in the process. It felt like they understood what we needed better than we did!
Ignacio Nieto Carvajal, Companio, CEO

Project Credits

  • Luke Kelly (Creative Direction)
  • Collette Davis (Brand Strategy, Copywriting)
  • Andy Young (Graphic Design)


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