As One

Independently collective

‘As One’ is our creative family and the beating heart of Airborne Studio. A carefully selected community of independent senior creative professionals, each brilliant in their own right.

As One team together

Airborne Studio grew from the seed of a single remote freelance practice. It was just Luke and his laptop, usually pitched up at a random location in the world. He quickly recognised how working in creative partnership landed more exciting projects. “I” soon became “we”, and it became strikingly clear that independent creatives can achieve much more when we work As One.

With a tight-knit inner circle and a large extended network of well over 100, we are growing all the time. Members are invited in and on-boarded when there is clear alignment of values and when there is work for them.

'As One' balances the autonomy of freelance life with the support of creative community and opens the door to bigger, juicier project briefs.


It allows us to maintain and extend our project influence whilst learning from other talented and experienced creative professionals. And it means less admin, client management, project management and invoice chasing. We do that bit for you.